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Floor screeding is an important step in laying any floor in Rothwell, as floor screed forms a barrier between the bare cement and the flooring you are laying. You can lay an uneven floor without a screed, meaning tiles will crack when walked on, and underfloor heating will not work.

Many types of floor screed are available, including liquid floor screed, so it is common to be uncertain what to use when laying a floor yourself. We have included information about our company, the type and cost of floor screed available, what floor screed can be used for, and the benefits of screed for your floor finish.

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Why Choose Us?

With over a decade of experience installing floors and flooring materials in Rothwell, you can trust the expertise of our flooring installers to ensure that your floor is of the highest standard. Before giving you a no-obligation quote, we will discuss your needs to ensure we use the right screed for your flooring type.

Our services are available nationwide, including Greater London and the surrounding areas. All of our installers complete a comprehensive training and certification process before their first floor is laid and have extensive on-the-job training with all flooring types.

All our install staff have an NVQ Level 2 in Specialist Concrete Occupations to fully understand floor screeders, their uses, and their practical application for floors. In addition to the initial training, they complete refresher training to ensure their knowledge remains up-to-date.

We can be competitive on price as all of the installers we use are in-house, meaning the installation cost is fixed by us rather than a contracted price.

Types of Floor Screeding

Various floor screeders are available for projects in the UK; we have gathered details on the most commonly requested types we have been asked to install during our many years in this industry.

Pump Screed Rothwell

Pump screed is often used on older cement and larger surface areas. It is quick and easy to add to the concrete, so your project is not delayed if you find screed necessary. Pump screed can cover an area of 1000m2 within one day, meaning you can work in the surrounding areas on-site without pausing the job.

Sand Cement Screed Rothwell

The most common type of screed flooring is the traditional sand/cement screed, where sand and cement are mixed and added to the top of the cement substrate in a thin layer. The flooring is then laid over the top of the screed.

Underfloor Heating Screed Rothwell

An underfloor heating screed is required to ensure a workable surface for installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating can heat internal floors to make them more comfortable to walk across.

The underfloor heating system is laid above the substrate, with the underfloor heating screed installed on top of the heating system. Installing a screed for underfloor heating is a larger project as it must be completed in several steps with time to allow the screed to dry before the floor can be added and the project finished.

Light Reflecting Floor Screed Rothwell

Light reflecting floor screed is an excellent option if you only have a little time on your project before the floor installation begins. This type of screed is suitable for walking on in under three hours after application.

Resin Flooring Screed Rothwell

A resin floor screed is popular in industries where cleaning and hygiene are important. Our range of resin screeds can be applied in commercial settings where there is a need for minimum aesthetic and maximum functionality. We can supply resin screed that can be used as the finished flooring.

Resin is a tough, hygienic, easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant compound many customers request in catering, industrial, or scientific settings.

Fibre Screed Rothwell

Fibre screed adds polypropylene fibres to the sand/cement mixture to give more impact resistance to the flooring. Fibre screed is an effective option if there will be a lot of heavy traffic across your flooring.

Polymer Screed Rothwell

A polymer screed is created by adding polymer resin to the screed mixture, another excellent option for a floor which will take heavy impacts. The resin also ensures water resistance in the screed and helps the mixture to dry quickly.

Granolithic Screed Rothwell

Granolithic screed is often used where heavy weights compress the flooring in labour-intensive environments such as weightlifting, warehouses, and industrial areas. Granolithic screed is mixed on-site by adding granite aggregate and polymers to the sand/cement mixture.

Rothwell Floor Screeding Costs

A standard floor screed costs £19 per m2, a liquid floor screed costs £24 per m2, and a fast-drying screed costs £22 per m2. In addition to the cost of the screed will be the labour costs of the installer, which is what increases the cost of most projects and is where we can save you money with our in-house installers.

Where Is Floor Screeding Used?

Floor screeding is used in any building where flooring will be laid on top of the substrate. It provides a flat surface for installing tiles, vinyl, and more. The screed will improve the quality of the floors and prevent damage to tiles or bubbles in vinyl after installation.

The Benefits of Floor Screeding

There are a range of benefits to floor screeding, including;

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What is Floor Screeding?

Floor screeding is installing a layer between the concrete substrate and the type of flooring installed in a room. Screed flooring ensures the project will succeed as there will be a flat surface to tile or lay vinyl. The screed ensures that people can walk across the floor without damaging the flooring that has been installed.

Our Floor Screeding Services

We provide various screeding services for any flooring environment, including any room size.

Commercial Floor Screeding Rothwell

Commercial floor screeding involves applying the levelling layer over a large surface area to fill substrate gaps and seal in dust. If you have damaged tiles in place, currently, we can apply floor screeding over the top of these to avoid removing the old tiles.

Domestic Floor Screeding Rothwell

Domestic floor screeding is important to ensure the longevity of the flooring you place on top. Self-levelling and quick-drying screeds are the most popular types we install in domestic settings, as they are the quickest to be walked on to save you time when without access to your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions when we receive contact from customers before beginning a job.

How Do You Prepare For Commercial Floor Screeding?

To prepare for commercial floor screeding, remove all furniture from the area, remove the existing floor coverings where possible, and clean the area to ensure no debris remains.

Can Screed Be A Final Floor Finish?

A standard sand screed cannot be a final floor; however, if you choose a resin screed in commercial settings, it can be used as the final floor. The resin creates a flat, clean, hard-wearing surface that is perfect for some settings.

Is Floor Screed Waterproof?

Floor screed is not waterproof; it will absorb liquid if exposed because it is porous. Some screed flooring types are water resistant, but if you want a waterproof screed, you must add a waterproof layer for safety before the floor is walked on.

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"I was in dire need of a reliable screeding service for my new retail space, and Floor Screeders came highly recommended. The testimonial of their service truly lived up to the hype. The team was punctual, courteous, and incredibly efficient, making the entire process seamless. The quality of workmanship has significantly enhanced the look and feel of my retail environment. I am beyond pleased with the results and would confidently recommend Floor Screeders to anyone looking for superior screeding solutions."

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